GFuel CEO And Founder Discusses Gaming

Gamma Labs’ Founder and CEO, Cliff Morgan, recently sat down for an interview with PocketGamer.Biz’s Danielle Partis. Morgan discussed the success of GFuel, an energy drink synonymous with gaming.

“There’s no substitute for time. When we decided to get a Twitch channel, I ground out a partnership, just like everybody else. That grind is the number one thing that’s respected within the community,” Morgan said. “You can’t really dabble in the space anymore. The cost to get into the space these days has gone up considerably because all the big talent has big agents and with big agents come much bigger fees. Authenticity is not going to come overnight, and being a big company with a massive bag of cash doesn’t mean you can become part of the scene overnight, either.”

GFuel is a caffeinated energy drink that was created by Gamma Labs in 2012. It was “designed to boost focus and enhance performance while gaming.” A new flavor of the beverage will be released on April 2nd.

(All information was provided by PocketGamer.Biz and GFuel)

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