Hiro Capital Makes Another Investment Into PlayerData

Hiro Capital, a technology venture capital fund, has doubled down on its investment into the esports market after it was announced the company led $2.3 million investment into PlayerData, an esports information tracking firm.

“Our mission is to bring fine-grained data and insight to clubs across team sports, helping them supercharge their game-making, improve player performance, and avoid injury. We leverage our platform and big data to generate biometric insights applicable at any level – from grassroots to the Premier League,” said Roy Hotrabhvanon, PlayerData’s CEO. “Due to the team network effect, the PlayerData community is fast-growing across the U.K. and overseas. Our ultimate goal is to implement cutting-edge insights from pioneering wearables that are applicable to any team in any discipline at any level. Hiro Capital as an investment partner shares this commitment to our mission. It’s great to have Cherry, Luke, and Ian’s belief, counsel, and expertise to help us further our vision.”

This announcement marks the 12th investment Hiro Capital has made since the start of the 2020 fiscal year. PlayerData joins other Digital Sports startups like FitXR, Zwift, and NURVV in the Hiro Capital portfolio. The company has also invested in eight gaming studios and technology firms across the US, Europe, and the UK.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance)

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