Research Shows Online Video Game And Esports Market Hits $330B

According to information collected by ABI Research, the online video and gaming market hit $330 billion over the past year. Furthermore, gaming saw a year-over-year growth of over 22% in 2020.

“While the amount of media consumption will taper off from the peaks seen during lockdowns as the world returns to a sense of normalcy, the appetite for digital content and services are expected to remain strong,” said Michael Inouye, Principal Analyst of Next-Gen Content Technologies at ABI Research. “The common consensus from most industry insiders is a shift in the growth curve rather than an expected dip to pre-pandemic forecasts.”

ABI Research is a firm that provides data on 5G, blockchain, and other transformational technologies. The report is part of the company’s Next-Gen Content Technologies research service.

(All information was provided by ABI Research and Advanced Television)

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