Research Shows Women Prefer Mobile And Puzzle Games

According to a recent survey conducted by Newzoo, female gamers are more likely to play puzzle games or mobile games than other types of esports. This comes after Newzoo revealed women make up almost half (46%) of all gamers in the ten largest gaming markets on the planet.

According to the research, women (94%) are slightly more likely to play mobile games than men (90%). Furthermore, women play mobile games more often than men. 35% of women interviewed said they played mobile games five days a week compared to just 29% for men.

Puzzle-based video games are also incredibly popular with women. In fact, 44% of female gamers say puzzle games are their favorite type (only 25% for men). Online jigsaw puzzle app im-a-puzzle corroborated this highlighting that the majority of their users are female, and has consistently held that make up. The second most popular type of game is one that allows for creative decision-making. 31% of women said these types of games were their favorite.

(All information was provided by WARC)

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