Houston Outlaws Partner With Boomer Naturals

Overwatch League franchise the Houston Outlaws recently announced a new partnership with wellness company Boomer Naturals. The company will provide “Vitamin Energy” to Outlaws’ team members to promote “feel-good focus and peak performance.” Boomer Naturals also launched a discount code for fans of the team.

“We are excited to be furthering our commitment to health and wellness for our players this season in an effort to give the Outlaws a competitive advantage,” said Outlaws’ COO Lori Burgess. “Our strategy extends into the foods, supplements, exercise, sleep, eyewear, and sports psychology training that we are providing to optimize performance. We want to ensure our team is healthy and immune to losing!”

The fourth season of the Overwatch League began on April 16th. 20 teams from two different divisions will face off in a battle for prizes worth up to $4.25 million combined.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider and The Overwatch League)

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