iGB: Nevada Gaming Bill Could Impact Esports Betting

iGaming Business recently published an article entitled “The potential impact of an esports regulatory body in the US”. In this column, Kenneth Williams discusses how a new Nevada gaming bill can impact the state of the esports gambling industry.

“Betting operators should keep a close eye on Senator Kieckhefer’s proposals. A governing body is a huge step towards legitimizing esports events in the public eye, meaning general awareness for esports should increase as a result,” he writes. “No partners have been mentioned yet but a new overseer will need to cooperate with the existing ecosystem. Anti-cheating agencies like the ESIC and tournament hosts such as the Electronic Sports League will likely become involved. Betting sites should consider partnerships with existing regulatory groups as they’ll become even more coveted once acknowledged by legal bodies.”

The bill being discussed was proposed by Republican state Senator Ben Kieckhefer. If passed, the state legislature would create a sanctioning body to regulate Esports games and teams that compete against each other for money and prizes.

A hearing for the bill was held in front of a state senate judiciary panel back in March. If approved, the bill will allow the governor to appoint a commission executive director and commissioners to regulate Esports while also requiring sponsors to get permits for events with purses of more than $1,000.

(All information was provided by iGB, The Mooresville Tribune, and The Reno-Gazette Journal

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