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Samsung Neo QLEDs Receive “Gaming TV Performance” Certification

On April 12th, Samsung announced the 2021 Neo QLED became the first TV to receive a certification for Gaming TV performance. This title was given to the TVs by Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker, an electrical engineering certification institute in Germany.

 “An increasing number of gamers look for large screen displays with high-end picture quality when shopping for a TV, and Samsung continues to lead the TV-focused gaming experience,” said Nivash Ramsern, the head of Visual Displays at Samsung South Africa.

Four models from the 2021 Neo line of products received the certification: QN900, QN800, QN90, and QN85. A distinction was given for each TV identifying “Low Input Lag” and “HDR with a brightness of higher than 1,000 nits.”

The Profit‘s Take:

It’s incredible to see the rise of gaming as it relates to the broader entertainment industry. TV marketing used to be focused on picture quality for movies. Now it’s all about gaming performance.

(All information was provided by Samsung)

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