Tik Tok Parent Company Bytedance Acquires C4games

On April 14th, Bytedance’s gaming unit, Nuverse, announced it had acquired Chinese developer C4games. This comes after Nuverse bought Moonton Technology, another Chinese game developer, back in March for roughly $4 billion according to

“We believe that global game industry is booming. In the future, game developers must serve not just players in one region, but global players,” C4games CEO Hu Bing wrote in a letter that was sent out to company employees the day before the announcement. “Our market positioning fits very well with the global view of Nuverse, a game brand under ByteDance.”

C4games is well known for producing numerous mobile titles. The company’s most popular title is Red Alert Online, a China-only mobile spin-off of the popular Command & Conquer strategy game.

(All information was provided by, Reuters, and pan daily)

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