CSL Esports Partnering With Singleton Foundation

CSL Esports recently announced it has entered into a partnership with the Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship to expand the organization’s educational curriculum. As part of this agreement, CSL Esports will debut Venture Valley, a multiplayer business building game, with the Singleton Foundation this summer.

“Education is a core component of CSL Esports,” said Rob Johnson, CEO of CSL Esports. “We engage young students to pique intellectual curiosity that could lead to opportunities in higher education, meaningful careers, and success in life. Financial literacy is more important than ever,” added Johnson. “The concepts students will experience in Venture Valley can be utilized to augment business, finance, and economics curriculums.”

Venture Valley will be unveiled during the CSL Esports Summer Program. The summer events will be divided into seven one-week long “camps” for students looking to get more serious about competitive gaming. Some of the titles that will be featured include Rocket League, League of Legends, Madden 21, and FIFA 21.

CSL Esports has been one of North America’s most prominent gaming organizations since being founded in 2009. CSL Esports has given away over $1 million in scholarships and has partnered with over 1,800 educational institutions.

(All information was provided by Gamasutra)

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