Youtuber Lachlan Power Explains How To Make A Career Out Of Gaming

Youtuber Lachlan Power recently had a conversation with Betsy Wagner, a Senior Producer for Yahoo! Finance. During this interview, the 25-year-old Australian Fortnite player explained that being a gamer is a full-time job that can lead to a very rich and fulfilling life.

“It’s full time, full time, full time, full time squared. You wake up, you think about work. You go to bed. And in between that … you think about work,” he said during the website’s ongoing The NEXT: 21 to watch in 2021 series. “Especially in the influencer side of things, you’re always thinking about the next business opportunity. You’re always thinking about your next video. You’re always thinking about how you can better optimize a certain process within your organization.”

Lachlan currently has 14.7 million subscribers on Youtube. He has amassed 4.7 billion views on Youtube since joining the site in March of 2013. Additionally, he has 1.8 million Instagram subscribers and 1.5 million Twitter followers.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance and Youtube)

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