Digitalax Combines Gaming, NFTs, And Fashion With ESPA

Back in March, digital fashion design lab Digitalax launched ESPA, an esports platform dedicated to independent title developers and casual gamers. The platform allows developers to give players access to games at any time while enabling designers and content creators to profit off the digital ecosystem.

Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee is the CEO of Digitalax. In a recent interview with TVOM‘s Ben Hestad, she explained the initial purpose of the company. “So DIGITALAX started as a live marketplace for digital fashion, but for digital fashion NFTs [Non-Fungible Tokens]… NFTs are a really amazing natively distribution channel; they allow you to back authenticity and can create a container of measurable value behind a natively digital product and then authenticate that cryptographically on a blockchain, when it comes to ownership when it comes to the IP rights and how you credit an original author or designer, and then also do that in a transparent way,” she said. “So we started as that NFT marketplace, we partnered with over 30 digital fashion designers globally, some in Portland, others were based in Rwanda, Australia, and Europe, and they listed their designs and collaborated with us to create these fashion items, list them on our NFT marketplace, and sell them at auction. We did really well, we’ve had about only 6 auctions to date and over 600,000 and more in sales, which has been really exciting, and it’s been able to change the lives of these designers, but more than that – prove out digital fashion and the distribution channel within it.”

There are two modes of play available in ESPA: Esports Mode and Practice Mode. In the Esports Mode, only Players who have suited up from the Digitalax Marketplace with a digital fashion skin are eligible to join the server and engage in the battles. In Practice Mode, anyone can join the mod to start playing, as long as they have registered and made an account on the Digitalax marketplace. Players do not need skins to access practice mode.

Digitalax was founded in the fall of 2020. The company was established to combine esports and fashion to create a digital ecosystem for game players and developers.

(All information was provided by ESPA, TVOM, Digitalax, and ESPA4Play)

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