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Summit1g Shows Off $100K Gaming Mouse

Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar recently revealed a new gaming mouse he is using on a recent stream that is believed to cost almost $100,000. The Finalmouse gaming accessory is red and silver with a honeycomb shell that comes encrusted in diamonds.

“Damn,” Lazar said out of surprise. “This thing is going to be taken and put into a safe every night.”

This comes as part of a promotion for Finalmouse‘s next-generation gaming mouse which is scheduled to be available for purchase on May 1st. The non-diamond-encrusted version of the accessory will cost $189.

The Profit‘s Take:

I want one. There is definitely space in the gaming accessories market for items that blend performance and luxury. Would love to see more of this.

(All information was provided by Finalmouse and Talkesports)

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