ASUS Country Manager Discusses New Opportunities Caused By Gaming Market Growth

Emma Ou, who serves as the country manager for ANZ and Singapore for ASUS, was recently interviewed by Joshua Hodson from Ministry of Sport. During this conversation, Ou said that the growth of the gaming industry is driving more opportunities for commercial success in other markets.

“Due to the impact of COVID-19, we have seen the gaming and esports industry grow exponentially as we started looking at new ways to connect and engage with broader communities,” Ou said to Ministry of Sport. “Not only were we looking at our usual gaming audience, but the sporting and lifestyle communities as gaming grew as both a competitive activity and a hobby. It has opened up more opportunities to collaborate with other industries outside of a traditional gaming silo and more ways for our customers to connect with our ROG (Republic of Gamers) brand. This is reflected in the partnerships that we engaged in the last 12 months, both from a commercial and brand awareness perspective.”

Emma Ou graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Soochow in 2006. She first joined ASUS in 2014 as a Product Lead. According to LinkedIn, her official title with ASUS is APAC Strategy Planning Director.

ASUS is a computer hardware manufacturing company that was founded in Taiwan in 1989. In 2020, ASUS was named one of the world’s most admired companies by Fortune magazine.

(All information was provided by Ministry of Sport, CEO Magazine, and LinkedIn)

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