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Bungie Reportedly Developing Esports Multiplayer Game

NME is saying that a recent job posting by Bungie Inc. indicates the company may be “looking to create an esports-focused competitive multiplayer title.” This comes after DestinyNews+ noted the job description asks candidates have “strong familiarity with global gaming markets and the competitive gaming/esports landscape”.

Bungie launched its second annual “Guardian Games” event on April 20th. Classes will face off against each other to showcase the gaming combat skills.

Bungie Inc. is a video game company based in Washington that was founded in 1991. Its most famous product is the Destiny video game franchise.

The Profit‘s Take:

I am always slightly skeptical when developers set out to make games specifically for esports. It’s probably a better strategy to set out to make just a great game.

(All information was provided by NME and Bungie)

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