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Microsoft Launching Video Game Streaming Service On iPhone And PC

Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service, xCloud, recently began rolling out in beta to iPhone, iPad, and personal computer (PCs) devices. The service will be invite-only according to a recent blog post from the organization.

“Xbox Cloud Gaming is sort of like Netflix for games,” writes CNBC’s Todd Haselton. “People who subscribe to Microsoft’s $14.99 per month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan can access more than 100 titles. The cloud gaming aspect lets you stream the games without having to download them, provided you have a fast enough internet connection. The streaming option is already available for Android phones.”

The service is currently being rolled out in 22 countries. According to CNBC, xCloud was supposed to come to iPhones and iPads earlier, but Apple updated its App Store rules in the Fall impacting the service.

The Profit‘s Take:

By tying xCloud to the very successful Game Pass product, Microsoft’s cloud gaming service has a fighting chance at survival. xCloud needs to get traction on iPhones and PC so the next 6 months will be critical to its success.

(All information was provided by PYMNTS and CNBC)

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