Mobile Gaming Company Wildlife Launches Second Studio

Mobile gaming company Wildlife Studios recently announced the launch of SuperWOW! Games, the organization’s second independent studio. SuperWOW! Games will be led by Lu Gigliotti, who is best known for helping develop franchises like Need for Speed No Limits and Devil May Cry.

“Our goal at SuperWOW! is to break the stereotypes around what gamers are or are not, removing the barriers of entry to gaming and allowing more people to participate,” said Gigliotti. “Humans have an intrinsic need to play, it’s in our DNA. Partnering with Wildlife will accelerate our vision to make games that are fun for everyone, but at the same time with a deeper offering for skilled players.” 

Wildlife Studios was founded in 2011 by Victor Lazarte, the company’s CEO, and his brother, Arthur Lazarte. The organization, which is comprised of over 900 employees across the globe, has produced over 60 games to date.

(All information was provided by The Hollywood Reporter)

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