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F’real Foods Launching Custom-Branded Mobile Game

F’real Foods, makers of on-the-go frozen blended beverages, is partnering with multiple convenience store chains to reboot the organization’s “Choose Your Alternate F’reality” campaign. As part of the campaign, the company is launching “f’real Shake Run”, a custom-branded mobile game that can be activated during the product’s blending process.

The campaign will feature TikTok creator activations as well as a Twitch streaming event. These activations will be available online, on mobile and social platforms, and in c-stores nationwide.

“As we thought about extending our #FrealAF campaign into new territory, gaming simply made sense. Our consumers have embraced gaming as a form of escape and a way to socialize responsibly,” said f’real Senior Director of Marketing Hayden Perry. “Tapping into gaming culture and encouraging our consumers to share their Alternate F’reality experience with friends is an effective way to provide them with a moment of respite while generating awareness that a f’real shake or smoothie does exactly that.”

Customers can now access “f’real Shake Run” via f’real blender screens across the country. Users just have to scan the on-screen QR code to play the game.

The Profit‘s Take:

It’s fun to see games infiltrate every corner of our lives, especially with non-endemic brands like this one. However, who actually plays these games?

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