NASDAQ Highlights Four Gaming Stocks To Keep An Eye On

Adam Lawrence is a writer for He recently released an article on the NASDAQ website entitled “4 Top Gaming Stocks To Watch Right Now”. In this piece, Lawrence says that FuboTV, NVIDIA, DraftKings, and Sony are four of the most interesting esports stocks being traded on the NASDAQ.

“Starting us off is sports streaming giant FuboTV (Fubo). Indeed, as a key player in the sports streaming market, Fubo would cater to viewers outside the scope of traditional streaming services. No doubt, having one platform for curated sports content at an affordable price could appeal to sports fans now,” Lawrence writes. “Nvidia focuses on the development of personal computer graphics, graphics processing units (GPU), and also on artificial intelligence. Given how the AI industry still has a lot of room for growth, Nvidia certainly has a competitive edge with its products. Sony is a gaming company that has developed the PlayStation series, arguably one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world. Sony also reported that total sales for the quarter were a whopping $20.4 billion. This huge increase in sales likely came from its new generation console released late last year. DraftKings also reported that its monthly unique payers increased by 44% compared to a year ago. Making the most out of this momentum, the company also announced a topline revenue of $1 billion for its fiscal year 2021, which equates to year-over-year growth of 55%.”

All four of these companies are publicly traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market. As of 9:30 AM EST on May 6th, DraftKings’ stock is worth $54.96, FuboTV costs $17.83, NVIDIA goes for $578.61 per share, and Sony’s shares of stock are $98.11.

(All information was provided by NASDAQ and Yahoo! Finance)

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