Flying Falcon Sponsors 50 Axie Infinity Gamers

Flying Falcon, which has been described as a “pseudonymous digital landowner and crypto whale,” recently contributed to the Sponsor-A-Scholar program established by Yield Guild Games. As a result, Flying Falcon will support 50 Axie Infinity players throughout the program.

“The future is in the metaverse and the ones to cultivate it will be the players of NFT games,” said Yield Guild Games. “In building the digital nations of tomorrow, we must ensure that these virtual worlds are more inclusive than the ones we inhabit today.”

Sponsors can donate Small Love Potions (SLP), the game’s native token, to players who then use them in-game to accomplish goals. As they do, revenue is paid out. 70% goes to the player, 20% goes to the YGG Community Manager, and 10% goes to YGG.

(All information was provided by Cointelegraph)

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  1. jag nalam

    can i join the sponsorship?

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