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Business of Esports TV: Tesla – Joining the Console War?

(Livestream #134)

In this segment, we discuss Tesla installing AAA games into their new line of cars.

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Paul Dawalibi 52:02
Let’s talk about stock about Tesla. It’s a bit of a little more fun, lighthearted story, which we didn’t get to on the podcast even though I kind of wanted to. And the headline here is Tesla’s new in car gaming system is basically a mini PS5 and the sub headline is my question to you guys. So the article asked the question for me did Tesla just enter the console war? Is there a world guys let me just expand sorry before I before you jump in. Let is there a world where people literally don’t go buy the next PlayStation? Because they figured their car is a good enough console. I’m getting looks from both of you Jimmy What were you gonna say? I

Jimmy Baratta 53:46
was gonna say you know, Tesla’s only a player as much as KFC is a player in this space right with that no,

Paul Dawalibi 53:51
come on. This is Tesla see one car chicken at the same time?

Jimmy Baratta 53:58
Well, what would you rather Would you rather have a chicken or go somewhere? Go buy chicken. I think this is showcasing how awesome Tesla is right but who’s who’s sitting in their car playing video games. Maybe you’re touching the steering wheel on the on the cruise control on the auto drive while while running an event in Fall Guys? I don’t I don’t I just don’t get it, I guess.

Paul Dawalibi 54:22
But hold on. Let’s think about it. You have a screen. You’re you have a chair. Right? You have you have a console. Right? You have a full sim rig arguably if you like racing, and it’s all in one nice enclosed unit that you already own. Like why would you go out and buy those things a second time?

Jimmy Baratta 54:42
So you just go in your garage and sit Yeah, hard to play a game is out with her. Just culturally I don’t see it happening. That’s a hard ask.

Lindsay Poss 54:52
I don’t know what Greg’s comment. That’s what I was gonna say.

Paul Dawalibi 54:56
It’s for charging. The car must be in park. Yeah, but it’s still Greg. It still backs up my Do you hear that? Like if I had a Tesla parked in my garage, right, and my kids were bugging me to go buy a PlayStation, I might be like, No, we already have one like, go play in the car. This night? Is this not a

Lindsay Poss 55:19
can’t just say close your children in the car and tell them to push button.

Paul Dawalibi 55:24
Electric knows no fumes. There’s no no,

Lindsay Poss 55:27
I don’t mean because of that. I mean, because your car’s gonna get destroyed.

Paul Dawalibi 55:33
But you don’t even need then you don’t need the desk at home. You don’t need the TV. You don’t need the gaming chair. You don’t need, right, the steering wheel and the cymraeg you already have all these things that you’ve paid for.

Jimmy Baratta 55:47
How are you going to play? I Are you advocating now for a controller and a console based experience?

Paul Dawalibi 55:51
Yeah, okay. Right. Like if you’re, if you’re playing on a console, it’s going to be controller anyways, you leave the controller in the glove box.

Jimmy Baratta 55:58
So you would let your children play on a console is what I’m hearing.

Paul Dawalibi 56:03
No, not me personally. Lindsay, what’s what’s wrong here?

Lindsay Poss 56:11
It’s just like, sometimes your tinfoil hat things just really leave me at a loss for words. No, I do not think this is going to replace the console. I do think it’s brilliant. Getting there while you’re charging while you’re charging and waiting

Paul Dawalibi 56:26
that I told you the sub headline, did Tesla just enter the console war?

Lindsay Poss 56:31
Yes. Do you see the question mark afterwards and the clear undertones of sarcasm?

Jimmy Baratta 56:41
Before we leave topics, I do see them putting maybe screens in the headrest, like we used to see right in the early 2000s with all those expeditions for families, and then you have the kids able to play in the car without much more hardware that’s actually that can that could be cool. It really depends on where they where they take this and how innovative and intuitive they make it. The fact that the hardware can already support high end gaming very obviously, it’s a very cool and that’s the point of the headline. But will they actually expand upon that? That’s the real question and whether or not they’re in this space.

Paul Dawalibi 57:10
I love how all of you and including in chat and point I’m pointing at everyone in chat. All of you are perfectly okay with VALORANT on on the six inch screen of your iPhone. But my idea of sitting in the comfortable Tesla chair with the 17 inch screen playing on something that’s 10 times more powerful than your phone. That’s crazy. And I’m the crazy one

Lindsay Poss 57:42
to argue about.

Paul Dawalibi 57:44
Great Greg Carney says I can’t wait for self driving you can play games or VR while riding in the car. That’s probably the future Greg cuz I mean, just sitting in the car doing nothing is going to be awfully boring if you’re not even driving. Christian says iracing mode on the Tesla Yeah, Christian like even people, myself included spend 1000s of dollars on sim racing rigs. You have a perfectly good sim racing rig parked in your garage. It just makes so much sense. Greg says 17 inches of gaming excellence you know I love you but it’s better than the six inch screen on your phone.

Lindsay Poss 58:25
Or maybe your phone I can be playing games right now on my phone. No car required.

Paul Dawalibi 58:32
Greg Greg’s points a good one here or maybe you hide to get away from your kids by

Lindsay Poss 58:40
yourself in your car. Wait.

Paul Dawalibi 58:43
Preston says if the screen is in the headrest for backseat riders it would be great for families with kids on road trips. Is there not I thought one of the Tesla’s already does that or maybe I’m confusing it with something else. But I thought one of them what’s the SUV one the Y now we have a wide the X Yeah. I thought the X already did that. But I’m not sure. Terry says GTA while driving this is spectacular. kidnappers can place another one in the truck. It’s very like it’s very meta, right? If you’re playing GTA while you’re driving. So very. Like, I think I think good on Tesla for putting this level of gaming hardware in their cars. I’d love to see it from every car maker because there’s always downtime in cars, no matter what I mean. I just think it makes sense since they need all this powerful hardware anyways for other things, right, like for sensors and all the other things cars are doing these days. So I like it. Alright guys, we have we can talk about NVIDIA. What are you guys interested in covering? Maybe do one more story here. And

Jimmy Baratta 1:00:01
more graphics cards because you know,

Paul Dawalibi 1:00:04
they are not the story though, but they are. Are you going to wait in line at best white tomorrow morning, Jimmy?

Jimmy Baratta 1:00:10
I would rather pay a premium then slit my wrists then wait,

Paul Dawalibi 1:00:13
what are those lines? But they are they are launching tomorrow the 3080 TI…

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