Gridiron Gaming Launches Online “Madden” Tournament

On June 9th, Gridiron Gaming, in collaboration with the Pro Football Retired Players Association (PFRPA), announced it was launching a 3-on-3 Madden tournament produced by Thunder Studios. The Gridiron Bowl tournament series began on June 12 and runs through June 26th.

Participants have the opportunity to compete for a $10,000 prize pool. The Main Event Show Matches are scheduled to take place on June 26th. Six teams will play during this round, with each squad featuring a retired NFL player, a professional Madden player, and a community qualifying round player.

“It’s great to have Gridiron Gaming host the Gridiron Bowl, our first official Madden tournament,” said Pro Football Hall of Famer and PFRPA Board Member Jack Youngblood. “Bringing retired NFL players and gamers together for this event helps bridge the gap between traditional and this fairly new age of competitive sports.”

Six retired players will make appearances including Jason Avant, Jamaal Charles, Braylon Edwards, Charles James II, Jacoby Jones, and Jonathan Stewart. These six players have combined for seven Pro Bowl appearances and one Super Bowl victory.

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