ROCCAT Expands Lineup Of Award-Winning Keyboards

On May 3rd, German computer accessories manufacturer ROCCAT unveiled two new additions to the company’s award-winning lineup of gaming keyboards. They are the Magma Membrane RGB Gaming Keyboard and the Pyro Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard.

René Korte is the founder of ROCCAT. He explained how these new accessories revolutionize the gaming market. “With Magma, we’re redefining membrane keyboards while pushing the boundaries of keyboard illumination yet again,” he said. “With the Vulcan series, we had already evolved the RGB experience by mounting transparent key housings to mechanical keyboards. With Magma we made the whole plate transparent to push the AIMO lighting to its full potential. It looks like nothing else out there and it’s affordable for gamers who want to show off their RGB gaming setup.”

The Magma model costs $59.99 while the Pyro goes for $99.99. The product will not go on sale until May 30th, but it can be pre-ordered now on the ROCCAT website.

ROCCAT is the Germany-based PC peripheral brand created by accessories manufacturer Turtle Beach. Turtle Beach has been one of the world’s biggest gaming accessory creators since the company was originally founded in 1975.

(All information was provided by PR Newswire, ROCCAT, and Turtle Beach)

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