Gala Games Announces Collaboration With Comic Book Writer Frank Miller

Gala Games recently announced it has begun collaborating with comic book writer Frank Miller to bring his work to the NFT landscape. A series of limited-edition Frank Miller NFTs were unveiled as part of the Gala.Art initiative, a project focused on bring NFTs into the world of art.

NFTs from Gala Games and the initiative are different from normal NFTs. “The Gala Games ecosystem is designed to make the NFT portable across chain, giving actual ownership of the NFT itself without keeping it locked in an insular ecosystem,” it says on the NFT News Today website. “Furthermore, the long-term trajectory for NFTs from Gala Games will make them cross-chain compatible, allowing collectors the ability to keep their NFTs anywhere they feel most comfortable storing them.”

Frank Miller is a very famous comic book writer. He is best known for graphic novels like Daredevil: Born AgainThe Dark Knight ReturnsSin City, and 300. Miller also served as a producer for the movie 300 and as the co-director of the Sin City movie franchise.

(All information was provided by OCNJ Daily, NFT News Today, and Google)

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