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Legionfarm Raises $6M In Series A Funding

On May 13th, Legionfarm announced the close of a $6 million Series A round of funding. Investors in the round included SVB, Y Combinator, Scrum VC, Kevin Lin, Altair Capital, Ankur Nagpal, and more.

“Recently, we’ve learned that one pro player can acquire seven or more new customers to the platform if we work with the pro properly,” said company founder Alex Beliankin. “That’s the biggest growth point for us and the biggest challenge. We don’t need to demand in the performance channels but through existing supply. If we manage to build some sustainable processes here, I think we’re going to skyrocket because we see some huge potential here.”

Legionfarm is a gaming platform that was launched last year. It helps connect amateur gamers with professionals so that they can learn tips and tricks needed to become an esports pro.

Individual, hour-long sessions currently cost $12. The organization also has monthly offerings of $25 and $50 for more intensive training lessons.

The Profit‘s Take:

The gaming coaching space is so crowded. It’s unclear to me what the investors saw here that was unique, but it’s another big early-stage round.

(all information was provided by Yahoo! Finance)

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