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Business of Esports TV: YouGov Insights – Heroes of the Storm

(Livestream 138)

In this segment, we discuss some statistics from our friends at YouGov (, specifically some much-requested Heroes of the Storm stats.

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Paul Dawalibi 1:01:32
I will say as a as a nice little sort of tidbit that we got from yougov today and William, you may want to pay specific attention to this. Oh, I’m ready for this as part of as part of this sort of little Hugo. It’s a mini yougov segment. It’s not like a full one. Like last week, we did actually get some data on Heroes of the Storm or fans. Okay, that was fast. And just to be clear, guys, if you want to know just how incredible yougov is like, we had Nicole taping the podcast, not even like an hour and a half ago. And we asked her about Heroes of the Storm if she could like find some interesting stat to talk about on the live stream. And they they’ve already come back to us. Okay, she’s already come back to us. So why don’t we start?

William Collis 1:03:17
Like this was a huge mistake. This is why in journalism they called burying the lede. You’re gonna love it.

Paul Dawalibi 1:03:23
You’re gonna love this one. Okay, this is just for you. Oh, God. Like literally, I’m gonna love you. You may love it. Your wife may be

William Collis 1:03:36
tuned out now, Jeff is like Yep. Don’t need to listen to this information won’t be

Paul Dawalibi 1:03:42
Heroes of the Storm fans. Okay. When compared when I’ll let me just say as a standalone Heroes of the Storm fan. Yes. 64% of Heroes of the Storm fans consider themselves to be hopeless romantics. Which, by the way, is 34% higher than the general population. So if you are a fan of Heroes of the Storm, you are hopelessly in love with the TED game. Okay. There you go. There’s your heroes of the storm.

Jeff Cohen 1:04:27
I mean, that’s truly impressive.

Paul Dawalibi 1:04:30
Which I think is kind of fun.

William Collis 1:04:31
It’s a little close to home, Paul, but sorry.

Paul Dawalibi 1:04:35
I didn’t come up with that. Yeah, yeah.

William Collis 1:04:38
I know. I know. That was good. Actually, that was a lot better than I thought also, it’s, again, just shout out, you know, to the yougov stuff. It shows how nuanced the data is, if you can say what percent like that’s a question. So guys, listen to the live stream you want to put data questions in like, that’s not a question you would normally you can ask about eSports like what percentage of titles fan base or hopeless romantics like let alone here like Like those compared to the general populace? Yeah, compared to the general but those are some questions you can look you know, you can ask you don’t have to keep the questions is like, yeah, who had the highest social media growth in q2? You know, like, it’s the data William

Paul Dawalibi 1:05:12
more than it’s really actionable, right? Like if I was reading data if I was running a dating business, right, I think targeting my ads Heroes of the Storm players it would be

Jimmy Baratta 1:05:22
actionable if it was a real game,

Paul Dawalibi 1:05:24
but yeah, but it’s

Jeff Cohen 1:05:27
Activision using that. If they actually advertised heroes. Yeah. So like, you know, make ads about finding love and romance and I don’t know.

William Collis 1:05:39
Minimum it would say like, you guys should be doing a Valentine’s Day event instead of like, everyone does their new year’s end of your event like do event? No, I mean, I guess is the case like it’s a really good point shows you when you have a little bit of data, like you can make smart decisions.

Jimmy Baratta 1:05:53
So Genji and Bumble can launch Heroes of the Storm. I don’t know if they’re already in there. I don’t think so. But they have the Bumble sponsorship. There it is. Here’s the storm search the data to support that it really is actionable. It’s crazy.

Paul Dawalibi 1:06:06
Camp says heartbreaking stat. I thought I thought this was at her look, it’s very telling, but also entertaining in this particular instance. So thank you to you go for that guys. And go check them out. You slash gaming dash eSports

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