Adverty AB Partnering With Mamboo Games

Mamboo Games recently unveiled a new partnership with Adverty. As a result, Adverty’s seamless In-Play advertising will soon be coming to three games: Shift Race, Shift Princess, and Folding Car Puzzle.

“We chose to partner with Adverty because of the reliability and simplicity of its technology and the potential for immediate additional revenues for our games,” said Ivan Leshkevich, the CEO of Mamboo Games. “We are already off to a great start and excited to see where we can take this partnership.”

This is not the only partnership Adverty has made this year. The company also recently signed agreement deals with InMobi and Verizon Media.

Mamboo Games is a video game publishing company from Belarus. The organization has created and published eight different games since it was founded in 2019.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance and Mamboo Games)

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