Opera Unveils Multi-Level Partnership With Gala Games

On June 29th, Gala Games announced a new, multi-level partnership with the browser developer Opera. The organizations will work together to create an NFT that can be auctioned off for charity. Opera and Gala Games will also unveil a new initiative in the blockchain role-playing title Mirandus that will give users better control of the “in-game economy.”

“With the creation of our carbon-neutral NFTs in Mirandus, we are connecting social impact NFTs, gaming, and real-life charitable giving to illustrate new ways of partnering in the crypto sector for the greater good,” said Cuautemoc Luis Weber, Opera’s Head of Crypto and VP of Business Development.

Gala Games and Opera will mint a series of eight exclusive Ethereum NFTs that will be auctioned off for charity. These non-fungible tokens, which will have future uses in Mirandus, will see 100% of the proceeds be donated to Mercy CorpsVentures, the investment arm of Mercy Corps.

The nonfungible tokens will be auctioned off on July 12th. The auction will feature a total of eight “Grand Sanctuary” NFTs that are expected to play an important role in the Mirandus gaming experience at a later time.

(All information was provided by PR Newswire)

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