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Business of Esports TV: 13 Million More Gamers

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In this segment, we discuss a statistic that 13M more people became gamers after the pandemic.

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Paul Dawalibi 1:22:55
The ESA report that came out. Came out not that I think this was what came out what day ago or two days ago, Lindsay, I think you’d sent me this. And had an interesting statistic. But one in particular that stood out and this article is from GamesBeat, that the US gained 13 million gamers during the pandemic. And and I thought I saw that stat and I Who here thinks that this is this is possible. But this is just the US right? But like we’re talking about what 5% of the population became a gamer during the pandemic, like an additional 5% advise anyone not feel like this 13 million number is high.

Jimmy Mondal 1:23:47
That sounds like an influx of Switch users at the beginning of the pandemic. To be completely honest, yeah, like, that’s when Animal Crossing was just picking up I have like, the first month of the pandemic was huge for this Switch. And so I genuinely believe like a huge chunk of those probably Switch players. And then you know, the rest from everything else.

Lindsay Poss 1:24:06
Also Paul, that’s less than 1% too

Paul Dawalibi 1:24:10
Is it?

Lindsay Poss 1:24:11
because the population the US population is 330 ish, right?

Jimmy Baratta 1:24:15

Paul Dawalibi 1:24:16
So it’d be like 3%, right,

Jimmy Baratta 1:24:18
when I’m looking at

Paul Dawalibi 1:24:19
something like that. It’s a lot still a lot, right? And if you’re talking about just the, like, just the age group of potential gamers also, right, that’s, that’s a big chunk of new people coming into gaming. I wonder Who here thinks that this held up globally? Like do you think China added 3% of their population in additional, like people gaming, and you’re talking about big numbers at that point? Yeah. And the other thing, the other fact that came out of this, which I thought was interesting, this ESA report is very much us focused obviously, because primarily where they operate but the Average video game player in their in their report was 31. Not 25, not 18. Not 16 31

Lindsay Poss 1:25:09
That was what I found the most interesting actually. And I think it really signifies that the group who grew up with gaming is now reaching. They’re mid like 30s ish is what I was thinking.

William Collis 1:25:25
I mean, I don’t know, I still don’t understand how 100% of people don’t play games. I think they’re the greatest. I don’t seriously, I just like, I think they’re the greatest things ever. I think people who don’t play games, just haven’t had the right experience to get them into games yet, right? I think not playing games is like nobody says I don’t read books, or like, Oh, I don’t, I don’t watch movies. Like, it’s crazy to me. And I totally buy that in a pandemic situation. When you are stuck in like, You’re telling me, there’s not some, you know, like, 42 year old, who’s stuck at home with his with his or her screaming kids who looks at their mobile phone at night and is like, okay, I’ll check out what this Clash Royale thing is, you know, like, I totally buy that we could have it. I don’t think this was hardcore users. I don’t think these were people like, I This wasn’t Cyberpunk driven, you know. But I think that’s how it starts. I think it’s a migration out market. And I totally buy that this happened.

Jimmy Baratta 1:26:25
We got to try and guess what the definition of gamer is for this study. And unfortunately, it’s not YouGov. So he can’t take out, you know, we don’t know about it.

Paul Dawalibi 1:26:35
Although I know on a I think we’ve covered it even on a past live stream. And I think it was on their website at one point that YouGov had done quite a bit of analysis, and data gathering around gaming habits during the pandemic. And so obviously, plug here for a great supporter of our live stream, which is YouGov, but go check out YouGov.com slash gaming dash esports, because they have a ton. I know, they collected a ton of data around gaming habits during the pandemic, way more than this ESA report had in terms of, you know, granularity of the data in terms of how deep it goes. And so like, if anyone’s looking to do research, or is looking for actionable data around sort of the effect of the pandemic on gaming, reach out to the folks that YouGove Ben Perro, for example, if you go find them on LinkedIn, or Nicole Pike, or some of the people we’ve had from YouGov on the podcast, they have incredible, incredibly detailed data around the pandemic’s effect on gaming and, and on all parts of gaming, right, so mobile, PC console, etc. So go check them out. YouGov.com slash gaming, dash esports, they’re tremendous supporters of the live stream, and The Business of Esports in general. And I know if you guys are looking for stuff like that they have a lot of it. John says, with all the video cards coming on the market from China, more gamers coming. I mean, this is, this is a win win. John, if there’s more video cards coming, I think everyone’s gonna be happy. Including not just gamers people not can’t buy cars these days because of the video card shortage. Ramsey says every current gamer significant other, that’s the there could be some truth in that Ramsey, that that was

William Collis 1:28:22
A legitimate point, like my wife picked up the Switch over the pandemic. I wasn’t even thinking about that. But she like started playing Animal Crossing, you know, to Jimmy’s point, she was like, Oh, you know, like, Yeah,

Jimmy Baratta 1:28:34
I just wanted to add to to, since well, him and I are kind of complementing each other right now, I just wanted to add, you know, Episode 116 to the podcast, which I just had a look up, you know, we had the GM or I should say, you guys had the GM of gaming for Logitech, as well as their, their director of strategy. And one one of the points they met that they made in that episode, which I remember back when I was the biggest fanboy of the show, which I still am. But one of the points they made was, you know, when they talk about Logitech innovation, and they go to their own kids, their own children for input, you know, and I think I can’t remember which guest it was, but he said, You know, I went to my daughter, and I said, you know, are you a gamer? She goes, Yeah, well, I’m a television watcher. I’m an eater, you know, like, up to this point. I’m a reader like, it’s not. So again, the definition of gamers kind of weird for the younger generation. And I’m only making this point to say it doesn’t surprise me that that conversion happened at the older end of the spectrum, because William’s wife, my fiance, both pickups Switches during the pandemic, and started playing Animal Crossing.

William Collis 1:29:35
You know, I’ll say one thing that like, I don’t know, this is really anecdotal. But it’s one of those things that always stays with you in your life. And I’ll share it I know it’s kind of the same effect when people had with me, but I remember in a Harvard Business School, there’s one point where they’re doing some class about marketing or user adoption, and they showed a TV piece from like, I forget even when like it was, it wasn’t even that long. It was like 1980s or something and they have some guy talking on it. And the subtitle for that guy, you know, like, the reason why he’s qualified to be on the news sharing his thoughts, as he says, owns a computer. Right? Like, you know, and like, and the whole point of this, you know, to teach you is like, guys, like, you know, things start small like now today like owning, like everyone knows like, like, Are you kidding me? So that’s always stayed with me is like wow, like it does start with one person and it is novel when the first user does it. And I don’t know I Same for gaming guys, I really believe that.

Paul Dawalibi 1:30:32
But then don’t we maybe lose the cool factor of it all? Like, doesn’t it come full circle, right game being a gamer was not cool? Now the label goes away because everyone’s a gamer, right? And doesn’t the label going away? sort of make it not cool anymore? Right? Like, it’s so cool that it’s not cool anymore.

Jimmy Mondal 1:30:50
Now it’s like rock and roll. Everyone played rock and roll. But not everybody was Aerosmith, right? Like not everybody was Jimi Hendrix. And now you’ve got these huge mega teams doing crazy things in rock and roll that everyone wants to be like, but they just don’t know how to get there now like they’re they’re all trying.

William Collis 1:31:07
What will happen, Paul is you’ll end up like those insufferable film snobs who are like, oh, like France watch is the only four I only watch black and white. Like that will be you. You’ll be like, you’ll be like, Ah, what? He’s kids. I only play

Thresh was the last great pro gamer it reached a circle there.

They don’t even let me tell you in my day, I had to put the mouse over the head to get a kill.

Paul Dawalibi 1:31:37
Yes, the game wasn’t aiming for me. Cough Cough controller players. John says it’s not a question for everyone of if you are a gamer, it’s a question of what games do you play? Yes, John, you’re exactly right. That’s what games that is. That this is also why I love doing you know, what are we playing now on the live stream? Because I think it’s fascinating. In some ways. This becomes a almost a defining characteristic of people, right? Is that what games they’re playing? It’s like what brands do you wear? What you know, TV shows Do you watch it’s, it’s not defines a person but it’s another dimension of a person

Jimmy Mondal 1:32:13
will close your eyes and you invested in basically if you’re a VALORANT player in that ecosystem, if you’re an Overwatch player, you’re in that ecosystem like 100%.

Paul Dawalibi 1:32:21

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