Esports Advisory Board Coming To Nevada

On June 4th, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed 140 pieces of legislation. This included the signing of Senate Bill 165, which relates directly to esports in the state.

The bill was signed by Governor Sisolak as well as Senator Ben Kieckhefer. As a result, an Esports Technical Advisory committee was formed in the state. Furthermore, Nevada is now requiring the Nevada Gaming Control Board to appoint members to this committee.

“The original proposals would create an entirely new regulatory body which was clearly unsettling, primarily to the video game publishers,” Kieckhefer told The Esports Observer. “There was really strong pushback from them regarding that concept. The reality is that they are unregulated just about anywhere in the world and in starting to do so was, to them, unsettling.”

The Nevada esports bill was first proposed back in March. The law aims to create a sanctioning body that oversees gaming in the state.

(All information was provided by the Nevada State Government and The Esports Observer)

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