NRG Looking To Create Vietnam’s Official Esports Team

NRG Esports is reportedly looking to help Vietnam create a national esports team. This news comes after NRG Esports recently teamed up with CMG.Asia to launch the NRG Asia gaming organization.

“It’s going to be great to watch the NRG brand at Worlds when all the other North American teams are knocked out,” said NRG CEO Andy Miller. “The [San Francisco] Shock is was really puts NRG on the map in Asia…[based on our back-to-back championships] they just thought we were winners, that we know how to create an organization and build structure and support them. The Shock really have paid dividends more than I think people realize.”

Miller said he will move quickly with the expansion of NRG Asia into other titles. Furthermore, he said he wants to build up the League of Legends team as one of the foundations of Vietnamese competitions.

(All information was provided by Esports Talk and The Esports Observer)

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