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Cooler Master Unveils Next Level Experience With The Orb X Gaming Pod

Cooler Master recently revealed the company’s newest product, the Orb X Gaming Pod. This fully immersive and enclosed workstation was built for gamers around the globe.

“Orb X is a multi-purpose workstation with full immersion in mind. A sleek, semi-enclosed desk space is housed in a fully automated motorized shuttle dome for superior privacy,” it says on the Cooler Master website. “Enhanced visual and audio capabilities truly elevate the immersion: the Orb X supports up to three 27-inch monitors, and surround sound speakers are housed directly in the workstation to create a realistic, accurate soundstage even without headphones. In addition, a newly designed ergonomic recliner provides an adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and footrest for comfort customized to you.”

The product’s official price has not yet been revealed. No date is listed for the pod’s release on the Cooler Master website.

The Profit‘s Take:

This is the latest addition to the luxury gaming chair arms race. I guess this is going to cost $3000 or $4000 at least. Alibaba has something similar to this for $2500, so I think they could charge a little bit more. It’s just funny how every week another company ups the ante in the gaming chair market. Regardless, these Pods look awesome.

(All information was provided by Cooler Master, Hypebeast, and PC Gamer)

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