Playboy Announces Launch Of Mobile Gaming Tournament Series

PLBY Group Inc., the parent company of Playboy, recently announced the launch of a four-week-long Playboy-branded gaming experience. Hosted by Skillz, Playboy’s Summer of Play tournaments will feature multiple Skillz titles that can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices.

Skillz and Playboy are teaming up to provide immersive gaming experiences to millions of users. Players that play titles like Pool Payday, Solitaire Cube, and 21 Blitz are eligible to receive Playboy-branded prizes and rewards based on how well they perform in the game during this month-long period.

“We’re thrilled to expand the ways our audiences can enjoy themselves this summer by running tournaments on the Skillz platform,” said Rachel Webber, Chief Brand Officer at Playboy. “Skillz’s unique value proposition of fun, fair, and community-driven mobile gameplay is the perfect offering for our global fanbase.”

The gaming tournaments began on June 11th, 2021. It is being reported that these events will be held on a weekly basis in June and July.

(All information was provided by PR Newswire)

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