Report: Guild Esports Lost Almost $6M Over The Past Six Months

Guild Esports recently announced the company lost $5.95 million over a recent period of six months. This figure was first revealed during a release of Guild’s financial results on June 30th.

Many factors caused the organization to lose money. This included investments in esports teams, the Guild Academy, content creation, and corporate infrastructure.

“In the first six months since our IPO we have executed our strategy of investing in and building best-in-class esports teams, content creators, lifestyle apparel, and our academy system, along with a fully supported operations team,” said Kal Hourd, the CEO of Guild Esports. “The launch of the Guild Academy in May 2021 has established a potentially major scalable revenue stream for Guild and will also foster a loyal fan base and source of new talent for the company. The academy is the world’s most comprehensive and innovative esports online training platform and embodies the holistic nature of our approach at Guild.”

Guild Esports’ financial results were made public because the organization is listed on the London Stock Exchange. One share of stock in the company is currently valued at $8.03 as of 10:20 AM EST on July 13th, 2021.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance and Esports Insider)

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