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35,000 Gamers Pledge $203M To Purchase Virtual Land In “Ember Sword”

On August 4th, 35,000 gamers collectively pledged more than $203 million to buy virtual land in the online world of the unreleased game Ember Sword. Owning land will allow users to share in trading fees and earn Ember tokens in the game’s economy based on the land’s usage.

Bright Star Studios is the company developing Ember Sword. The Danish organization has not revealed a release date for the game at this time.

“We are working to develop a player-driven economy that allows gamers to earn rewards and make money through in-game activities, including the creation of unique, tradable NFT (non-fungible token) items,” Mark Laursen, the CEO of Bright Star Studios, said in a statement. 

Bright Star Studios was founded in 2019. The business is currently headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark.

The Profit‘s Take:

This shows me people are very excited about the idea of a metaverse. I’m not sure what the endgame is for these types of virtual land sales though until we have “one true” metaverse or a common fabric/protocol/marketplace connecting them. I also worry about false scarcity with this type of thing.  

(All information was provided by LinkedIn and Yahoo! Finance)

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