D-BOX Technologies Inc. Agrees To Sponsorship Deal With SDL Esports

On July 15th, D-BOX Technologies Inc. announced that it had been named a major sponsor of the SDL Esports team. As a result of this agreement, D-BOX’s logo will appear on jerseys, cars, and other digital assets owned by the simulated racing team.

This deal will see D-BOX’s interactive 3D technology fully integrated into SDL sim racing events. All team members will be outfitted with haptic actuators that provide a more immersive and realistic simulated driving experience. SDL Esports will also help D-BOX produce and distribute both digital and video content.

“We are very excited about this collaboration with D-BOX, which will allow us to gain not only in performance but also in feedback accuracy during our competitions, thanks to their FIA-licensed haptic technology,” said Kévin Leaune, the CEO of SDL eSports. “This is a real team effort between our drivers and the D-BOX team to provide our help and expertise to the sim racing community. Any sim racing enthusiast would be proud to be part of the D-BOX family.”

SDL Esports is currently scheduled to participate in the GT World Challenge Esports event. It is being reported that SDL Esports could participate in other simulated racing events later this year, too.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance)

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