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Guilded Inc Acquired By Roblox

On August 16th, Roblox announced it had acquired Guilded, Inc. Despite this move, it is being reported that Guilded will still operate as an independent product group.

“Our mission is to connect gaming communities, and Guilded allows communities to connect and communicate in new and meaningful ways,” said Eli Brown, the founder of Guilded. “We’ve been working hard on new features and improvements, and we remain focused on providing the best experience we can for all of our communities.”

Guilded Inc was first launched in 2017. The organization was created to develop a powerful platform that connects gaming communities around the globe.

The Profit‘s Take:

Guilded was a bit of a Discord knock-off. It felt that Guilded was maybe targeted at an older audience, not the stereotypical Roblox player. However, all these things like voice chat, video chat, calendar, etc, will be integrated into Roblox. Infrastructure plays will increasingly become takeover targets as the competing platforms try to gain/maintain advantages.

(All information was provided by Business Wire)

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