Co-Investor Partners Gives Freaks 4U Gaming $17.6M Investment

It was recently announced the esports marketing company Freaks 4U Gaming had secured an investment of €15 million ($17.61 million) from Co-Investor Partners. As a result of this financing, Co-Investor Partners has become a minority shareholder in the company.

This is the first-ever investment for Freaks 4U Gaming. This is also the first esports investment for Co-Investor Partners.

“As one of the early pioneers in esports and gaming, Freaks 4U Gaming has come a long way to the uniquely competitive position we are in today. We pride ourselves in being a truly 360-degree organization in the eco-system – part agency, part content producer, and part community. This allows us to create customized, integrated solutions that are aligned with our client’s goals and resonate authentically with the community,” said Michael Haenisch, the CEO of Freaks 4U Gaming. “Freaks managed to grow and weather the challenging times through bootstrapping – it certainly has not been easy, to say the least. However, finding a partner who believes in our values, business model and expertise, is as vital as securing the capital we need to support our growth. We are thrilled to have Co-Investor Partners and its investors onboard.”

Co-Investor Partners is a venture capital firm that is based in Germany. The company was first founded in 2000.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider and LinkedIn)

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