PowerZ Raises $8.3M In Latest Investment Round

The French start-up company PowerZ recently announced it had secured $8.3 million in a recent investment round. The video game studio/education-technology startup aims to create a popular education focused-game similar to “Minecraft or Fortnite.”

Bpifrance Digital Venture, RAISE Ventures, and Bayard are some of the most recent investors. The company also received funding from Educapital, Hachette Livres, Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, and Michaël Benabou.

PowerZ launched the first version of its game on PCs back in February. The fantasy world title is aimed at kids ages six and up.

“The idea is really to build a sort of Harry Potter,” said co-founder Emmanuel Freund. “You have this world that is super nice and very interesting. Like with Hogwarts, you want to come back regularly, and the story will progress over a very long time. 15,000 children tried out the first chapter. On average, they spent four hours in the game. I asked whether Freund was satisfied with those metrics. He told me he thought his company’s vision was “completely validated.”

(All information was provided by TechCrunch)

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