Astralis And Bybit Agree To Three-Year Partnership

Astralis recently announced it signed a three-year partnership deal with the cryptocurrency platform Bybit. This deal will see several collaborations between the two parties.

Additionally, Astralis players will participate in Bybit’s crypto trading competition, the World Series of Trading 2021. Astralis team members will lead “troops” taking part in the events that run from August 18th to September 17th.

“We are extremely proud of teaming up with an organization like Astralis, who for years have been a dominant factor in esports and who have significantly contributed to a more positive view of esports and gaming. Just like Astralis, Bybit is in it for the long run,” said Ben Zhou, the CEO of Bybit. “I feel that WSOT 2021 is the perfect place in time to invite esports creators and fans to join the world of the future of finance. Attractive prize money and NFT prizes are up for grabs in WSOT 2021, but for each participant, it’s about creating an experience on a level playing field.”

This agreement will also see Bybit’s logo appear on the jersey of Astralis’ CS:GO players. Furthermore, the two organizations have reportedly planned to work together on numerous activations.

(All information was provided by Bybit and Esports Insider)

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