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Razer Unveils Thimbles For Hardcore Mobile Gamers

The gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer has once again proven it is one of the most innovative companies in the world of esports. This comes after the organization launched mobile-focused Gaming Finger Sleeves in mid-September.

The package includes two sleeves, one for each thumb. Each thimble is made out of a “smooth, high-sensitivity fabric” that is both “lightweight and breathable”.

This product can be purchased now on the Razer website. The Gaming Finger Sleeves have a starting price of $9.99.

The Profit‘s Take:

Obviously, these are mostly for mobile gamers. Even though I am not a fan of mobile esports, this is super clever. At the very least it is good marketing. I love innovation. Companies die when they stop trying new things, and not everything has to be a home run. There is definitely a market of hardcore mobile gamers, and you can sell these types of products to those individuals at higher margins because they take mobile gaming seriously. I just love that Razer is trying new stuff.

(All information was provided by Razer and The Verge)

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