Crunchyroll Agrees To Partnership With St. Clair Saints

St. Clair College’s esports program recently unveiled a partnership with the streaming service Crunchyroll. As a result of this deal, Crunchyroll’s logo will be prominently displayed on St. Clair Saints esports jerseys.

This partnership will also include several on-campus activations. Furthermore, Crunchyroll will help the school build a 15,000-square-foot esports facility that will be completed by 2022.

“The most exciting element of this partnership is the events we have planned for the future. While many schools have anime clubs, this partnership will bring that idea to the next level not only for the esports players but also for the student body at large,” said Shaun Byrne, St. Clair College’s Esports Director.

St. Clair College is a higher education institution located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. As of the winter semester of 2021, there are over 14,000 students enrolled at the school.

(All information was provided by Crunchyroll and St. Clair College)

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