Wendy’s And Uber Eats Launch Newb School

On September 21st, Wendy’s and Uber Eats announced the launch of the Newb School. Anybody that places a $20+ Wendy’s order through Uber Eats will be automatically enrolled in the Newb School where they will have a chance to learn about video games from some of the world’s best pro players.

“At Wendy’s, we are always looking for new ways to have our customers backs ā€“ and one way we do this is through our continued gaming partnerships with Uber Eats to directly and authentically connect our fans with leading gamers, crave-able food, and best-in-class delivery,” said Wendy’s Chief Marketing Officer Carl Loredo. “Newb School is our chance to collectively thank gamers for continuing to follow and engage with Wendy’s these past couple years, and of course they can enjoy Hot & Crispy fries while taking their gaming to the next level.”

Users will have a chance to learn from six world-famous content creators. Each individual will cover a different topic related to professional gaming and social media influencing. The influencers and courses being offered are as follows:

  • COURAGE: Mastering Content Creation
  • ITSHAFU: Improving Gameplay
  • MYTH: Aiming ā€“ Best Practices & Good Habits
  • GMHikaru: Chess Strategy
  • iiTzTimmy: Growing Your Channel
  • TAEHATYPES: Mechanical Keyboard Building

This promotion runs from September 21st to September 30th. Once your order is placed, an email will be sent to you that will give you access to the Newb School program.

(All information was provided by PR Newswire)

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