Governing Body Esports Collegiate Teams Up With eFuse

The college gaming body Esports Collegiate (ESC) recently announced it had agreed to a partnership with the video game platform eFuse. This deal will see eFuse produce, stream, and coordinate competitive gaming events for the upcoming 2021-22 ESC season.

eFuse will be in charge of broadcasting 280 competitive esports matches that will be held between the conference’s 14 teams. This season, which lasts for three months, expects to see over 166 esports athletes take part in competitions.

“We are very excited to welcome eFuse as a part of Esports Collegiate,” said the ESC’s Executive Director, Bob Gennarelli. “We believe this partnership opens up tremendous possibilities for the students of ESC both during and after their tenure in the league.”

The ESC was first launched in 2020. The organization currently hosts competitions in popular titles like Rocket League, League of Legends, and Overwatch.

(All information was provided Esports Insider)

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