Good Gaming Inc. Begins Phase III In Preparation For Launch Of “MicroBuddies™”

Good Gaming Inc. announced that it has closed out Phase II of game development for its first to market NFT game MicroBuddies, and has begun Phase III as it draws closer to an official launch date. Phase III will consist mostly of finalizing any tweaks, bugs, or security patch issues as well as transferring the game over to the Polygon blockchain.

“The recent release of our Game Documentation for MicroBuddiesis a really big deal for us, as it now gives us considerable depth and abilities to market our product to the right consumers in the NFT and gaming space,” said David B. Dorwart, CEO of Good Gaming Inc. “Our minimal delays should be considered a positive, as we have learned a great deal about setting ourselves up for success in this space. The additional time afforded to us has given us the ability to create an even better game. We are confident it will be well received by NFT collectors, gamers, and the general public…We will now take an aggressive approach with finalizing the game and bringing as much exposure to our brand in an effort to make MicroBuddies a recognized name in the NFT gaming industry.”

Over the next several weeks, Good Gaming Inc. will be conducting marketing campaigns that will include Nano Factory token giveaways through their website, email campaigns, social media marketing ads, and bounty campaigns to increase the exposure of MicroBuddies in the NFT gaming space.

A new leveling system for community members has been implemented on the MicroBuddies Discord. This will be based upon a member’s participation and interaction on the Discord and should allow for people to gain valuable information, obtain perks, and participate in future anticipated merchandise and Nano Factory token giveaways.

The beta test participation program began on October 5th. At this time, no public launch date has been announced.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance)

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