Six-Year Study By BYU Shows Gaming Addiction Is Rare In The U.S.

A six-year-long study was recently concluded by Bringham Young University that provides insight into the topic of video game addictions. The research showed that 90% of gamers in the United States do not play video games in a way that may be harmful or cause long-term negative consequences. Conversely, 10% of gamers in the U.S. fell into the category of “pathological video gameplay.”

“The definition of a gaming disorder is actually fairly new,” licensed professional counselor Andrew Lightfoot said. “What the research shows is that video games aren’t actually detrimental to most of those things except for maybe teenagers, young adults if they are playing video games and not keeping up with their studying or job duties.”

The World Health Organization has recently established a definition for gaming addictions. For gaming disorders to be diagnosed, a person must be experiencing a major “impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational. or other areas” over a 12-month period.

(All information was provided by Spectrum Local News)

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