Sports Betting Bill Passed By Massachusetts House

The Massachusetts House recently passed a sports betting bill by an overwhelming margin of 156-3. As a result, House Bill 3977 is now headed to the Massachusetts State Senate, where representatives will debate it.

If passed, sports betting would be legalized in the state for all people ages 21 and up. Bettors would be allowed to place wagers on professional and amateur sports as well as esports if this bill is approved.

“This bill is also dynamic and imaginative,” said Representative Andres Vargas. “It accounts for the future of both sports in America and the sports betting industry by including eSports provisions. As someone who grew up playing games like NBA2K and Call of Duty — I never imagined saying those words on the House floor — I know that the eSports industry will continue to grow exponentially.”

If the legislation gets past the State Senate, it will land on the desk of Governor Charlie Baker. The governor has previously indicated he favors the legalization of sports gambling.

(All information was provided by and SportsHandle)

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