PolyPlay Shaking Up The World Of Crypto Gaming

A new project called PolyPlay was recently launched by video game industry professionals. This blockchain-based esports platform aims to help gamers reach a new level of professionalism in the world of competitive gaming.

PolyPlay will launch a series of esports tournaments open to players who are interested in gaming in a professional manner. The four games that will initially be hosted by PolyPlay are Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, and FIFA.

The prize pool for PolyPlay will be funded by transactions made on the blockchain project. Each transaction on the platform will feature a 6% tax rate. This money will be divided up amongst the company to cover tournament fees, company overhead, and marketing.

The tournament platform is now open to gamers of all levels. PolyPlay’s video game tournaments will reportedly feature prize pools up to $5000.

(All information was provided by Globe Newswire)

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