Esports Marketing Pakistan Seeking Regional And International Partnerships

Esports Marketing Pakistan recently announced it has begun looking for potential partnerships with international esports athletes, organizations, and gaming companies. The business also said it aims to launch collaborations with local brands, investors, and ad agencies in order to help grow gaming within the country. Additionally, Esports Marketing Pakistan said it is open to collaborations with Indian organizations.

“Asia has experienced aggressive and rapid growth in the gaming and esports industry post-COVID-19 lockdown across the globe last year,” said founder Majid Hameed. “Many esports players grew by five-10X times during this time and many gaming start-ups saw the day of light. However, the scenario remains the same in the Pakistan region as in other Asian countries. Gaming here started growing rapidly this year and we are yet to break many stigmas and cultural notions attached to it. While we do have highly talented gamers, we need lucrative tournaments, and strategic alliances with brands and established gamers to grow faster.”

Esports Marketing Pakistan was first established in 2019. It is famous for being the first esports advertising, research, and marketing firm in Pakistan.

(All information was provided by Animation Xpress)

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