Psyonix And BMW Announce “Rocket League” Partnership

Game developer Psyonix announced a Rocket League partnership with BMW that will see the vehicle manufacturer become a title sponsor for the Rocket League Open and the Rocket League Freestyle tournament. Moreover, the new BMW M240i will be integrated into the game this month. The car model was available from November 4th to November 10th through the Rocket League in-game shop

The BMW Rocket League Open, which began on November 5th, features a $100,000 prize pool. It is the second regional tournament in the 2021-22 RLCS European Circuit. 

As a part of the tournament, Psyonix has also partnered with Rocket League Freestyle players to organize a two-day freestyle event called the BMW Freestyle Tournament. The best players in this competition have a chance to claim part of the event’s $25,000 prize pool.

BMW becomes the latest automobile brand to partner with Psyonix. Throughout the years, Psyonix has secured Rocket League partnerships with NASCAR, Ford, Formula 1, and McLaren among others. This has brought a number of vehicles into the game; ranging from the Batmobile to renditions of real-world cars such as the McLaren 570S. In 2020, Lamborghini partnered with the developer to launch an esports event called Battle of the Bulls which saw players win cash prizes as well as the Huracán STO vehicle.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider)

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