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Secretlab Has Built An Extra Small Gaming Chair

What started as an April Fool’s joke has now become a retail reality. Secretlab recently announced it has begun producing its Titan XXS gaming chairs in limited quantities.

The Titan XXS is basically the same as all other Secretlab gaming chairs. However, the twist is that this product is almost half the size of a normal Secretlab gaming chair. Despite its small stature, it can still support up to 154 lbs of weight.

The chair will be available worldwide. The product, which can be pre-ordered now, ranges in price from $299 to $319. According to the Secretlab product page, the chairs will begin shipping out around the holidays.

The Profit‘s Take:

There is a market of people that could be perfectly served by this product. It’s baby’s first gaming chair. Lindsay Poss would be happy to add this to her tiny chair collection. Just for fun, one day, we will film an entire episode of The Business of Esports Podcast in tiny chairs. I am sure it’ll be a hit.

(All information was provided by Secretlab and The Verge)

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